If you’re climbing or circumnavigating Taranaki Maunga, a few notable stop-off spots offer spectacularly photo-worthy views. Off the maunga, two standout, must-visit vantage points provide magnificent views of the maunga from afar.  

Views from the maunga

Taranaki Maunga

The 8-12 hour hike up the slopes of Taranaki Maunga is the most challenging and dangerous walk on the mountain; however, it leads to one of the best views. From the summit area, you can see much of the North Island’s west coast, the central plateau including Mt Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu, and even the South Island. You’ll find plenty of spots to take in the view but, as the maunga is a spiritual tupuna, or ancestor, for Taranaki tangata whenua, we ask that you respect this by not standing directly on the summit peak, camping or cooking in the summit area.

Views of the maunga