See what the Coastal Arts Trail is all about

The Coastal Arts Trail follows a pulse of creativity running through these three regions, offering insight into the lives and inspirations of the artists and creatives that live there.

The scenic self-drive journey will guide you not only to art galleries and museums, but also to off-the-beaten-track studios and creative rural communities. Discover unique galleries, learn traditional skills at a wide range of workshops, and experience the ahurea tuakiri (cultural identities) of these regions.

Art is at the heart of our communities, elevating cultural expression and lending vibrancy to life along the mid-to-lower West Coast of the North Island.

The Coastal Arts Trail takes in a broad range of classical and Māori art. Enjoy sculpture, postmodern, and street art, and experience first-hand the works of internationally renowned local artists. Browse the galleries to explore new places and immerse yourself in a creative, colourful world. Whether you have five days or just five hours, hit the road on an art-finding odyssey.

Browse the Taranaki galleries here.