Enjoy great spirits at Cellar Door prices.

The Tasting Tour: A fun and informative discussion on distillation and gin botanicals with tastings of a few different spirit styles. Includes a guided walk-through of the distillery.

Allow 60 minutes, $25pp.

The Full Distillery Tour: A mini masterclass in all things gin. Includes canapes, a cocktail and a deep dive into gin-making, all supported by samples of styles and profiles in our bespoke tasting room. Includes a guided walk through the distillery.

Allow 90 minutes, $59pp.

Cocktail Class: Create and enjoy 3 different cocktail styles, with nibbles and some deeper knowledge on Gin and other spirits. Definitely fun. Limited group size, 4 - 10 people.

Allow 90 minutes, $75pp.


Accessible, with great off-street parking.
We can cater for your travelling companions (families and pets), and will meet a variety of dietary and other needs. This is an inclusive and friendly place to visit and we look forward to welcoming you to our family-owned & operated distillery.

Catered tours require booking in advance, please visit our website for more info.

Dave & Jo.