Originally part of the home garden of community leader and farmer Charles Goodson, the Dell was first developed as a swimming pool by damming a small spring.

The swimming hole was lined by tidy concrete steps, and a bridge stretched over the spot where many Hāwera children learnt to swim and paddle a boat. The Dell’s trees, many of which are over 100 years old, include a magnificent Swamp Cypress.

Over the years, the garden has been divided and sold. The swimming hole was drained and the garden fell into wrack and ruin until four walking friends from the Hāwera Women’s Club - known as the Goodson Guerrillas - decided to do something about it. Together the group created the gorgeous Goodson Dell.

This park offers many pleasant opportunities to sit and enjoy the pretty vistas the Guerrillas have developed and enhanced. There is also a chance of meeting one of them spending an hour or two weeding or pruning, perhaps adding a seedling or two and ensuring the Goodson Dell is picture-perfect for future generations.


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      Cnr Cameron and High Streets, Hāwera