Tongapōrutu and the rock formations known as the Three Sisters is located on State Highway 3 in North Taranaki at the mouth of the Tongaporutu River.

While still known as the Three Sisters, it used to be four and now it is two due to the ever-eroding coastline.  Explore caves, tunnels, arches, sea stacks and boulders along the beach while taking in the superb views in either direction, including Taranaki Maunga. Just south of the Tongapōrutu River mouth is a cave which is home to Māori rock carvings, including one of a foot with six toes.

Getting to the beach and the Three Sisters involves wading through the Tongapōrutu River so only venture to the beach at low tide and preferably when the sea is calm. There is parking available at the end of the road and it is worth a visit to the Three Sisters Burger Bar (open October-May) for a coffee, icecream, or fish and chips by the sea.


    • Physical Address
      Clifton Road, Tongapōrutu, Urenui