Taranaki is an awesome place to live, work, play and create.

As our economy and businesses shift towards a low-emissions future, we need to make sure we keep all that’s great about Taranaki while planning for that to be shared by everyone who lives here. 

The Taranaki 2050 Roadmap has been co-designed by the region, for the region. It considers not just how our economy will change, but all aspects of our lives, and provides the opportunity to plan for inclusive growth.

Development of transition pathway action plans

Following the publication of the Roadmap, action plans have been co-designed for each of the transition pathways in the Roadmap. Based on the co-design themes and the emerging opportunities identified in the Taranaki 2050 Roadmap, the methodology took the divergent thinking and opportunities identified in the Roadmap and channeled them into a more convergent set of tangible actions and outputs to define the short-term actions and medium-term strategy needed to achieve the region’s long-term vision for 2050.

Next Steps

With the finalisation of the transition pathway action plans by August 2020, the focus of the Taranaki 2050 programme is on implementation. Taranaki 2050 will work with the seven pou to take actions forward and monitor progress. 

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This video sums up the Roadmap process 


Creating the Roadmap

From February - April 2019 the people of Taranaki created the content of the Roadmap through a co-design process. Over 700 people took part in 23 workshops around the region on defined transition topics, as well as five community workshops. A total of 11 of the region's high schools sent students to attend a specialised youth workshop and we gathered the voices of the region's young people through a creative challenge. Over 360 people completed surveys online or at events and all the voices gathered created the Taranaki draft 2050 Roadmap. Following further input from May - August 2019, involving 40 sessions with over 1000 people, and 70,000 engagements. The Roadmap was finalised in August 2019.

Workshop material, feedback and input can be requested by emailing [email protected]

The world is shifting to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Here in Taranaki, we've created a roadmap for our region to a low-emissions future. Click the link below to find out more about what a Just Transition means for Taranaki.

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Taranaki 2050 Roadmap Report

Taranaki 2050 Roadmap
Read the Roadmap report on Taranaki’s transition to a low-emissions future.
Tapuae Roa and Taranaki 2050 Progress Update: April 2021