TSB is a 100% New Zealand- owned bank, with its headquarters located in New Plymouth, and it is the only bank in New Zealand that is owned by a philanthropic organisation — the Toi Foundation.

Thanks to this unique ownership structure, 100 percent of TSB profits stay in New Zealand and put money into towns and regions right across New Zealand. Each year TSB gives just over 20 percent of after-tax profits to its shareholder Toi Foundation Holdings who distributes grants through Toi Foundation to people and organisations carrying out meaningful work across Taranaki.

TSB has invested a significant amount in the growth and wellbeing of Taranaki and NZ communities and people over the past 170 years. In fact, over $153M has been invested back into the community over the last 34 years alone.

Not only does TSB give back a big chunk of profits to the local Taranaki community, but being owned by Toi Foundation means doing what’s best for customers and communities is authentically at the core of their business. TSB uses its profit for a purpose, and this genuinely influences how the bank operates.

TSB’s strong commitment to the Taranaki community and unique commitment to New Zealanders as one of very few truly New Zealand-owned banks is a real source of pride.

What IT and digital work do TSB do, and who do they need?

Systems, processes, and data are all key to running a bank and at TSB it’s no different. We asked Chief Information Officer, Julian Downs about why working with TSB is a good option for IT staff:

The roles we require are many and varied, with teams managing physical devices and infrastructure from servers, networks, or cloud, to telecommunications and workstations.  Our team also supports ATM devices and communications in our branches right around New Zealand. 

If you’re making a payment, then the data and systems used to connect with TSB, check balances and process the payment are all part of the work we do every day. We develop, support, and change software that enables many of the key functions across the bank. We also have a strong security practice for monitoring and managing cyber-fraud and keeping our customers’ information safe.

Across TSB we build, test, and continuously improve our systems, processes, and data. This involves a range of skill sets including automation testing, cloud platforms, data analysis, data scientist, business analysis, process engineering, software engineering, mobile development, website content, customer experience design, security engineering, network engineering, site reliability engineers… and more!

Are you an integration developer, connecting data and systems together, or a full stack developer who builds resilient systems that need to be available all the time? Or maybe you’re passionate about data, and love analysing trends and transforming data for different usages. If that sounds like you or you have a flair for creating mobile apps that engage customers to make their lives easier, then we want to talk to you. 

Our focus to deliver good customer outcomes is in our peoples’ DNA and our bank is so committed to this. If any of this sounds like you, and you’re interested in joining a talented team of people who are genuinely proud of the work they do, then get in touch today.

Case Study Tim Darbyshire

Tim Darbyshire has a job he loves, which matches his values and a lifestyle, and fits in with his busy family's needs. He's a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems consultant at TSB. Tim started in the role in mid-2021 and is responsible for managing all customer information.

Tim grew up in Palmerston North and studied sound engineering in Auckland, something he enjoyed but soon decided that there wasn't a career in it. Tim then moved to the start-up scene, working on sound for video game development. At the same time, he also began studying coding and game building through Massey University, where he found those skills in high demand. From there came several roles in start-up companies in Auckland.

By the time Tim and his wife had their second child, they were ready for a lifestyle change. Tim's commute was 50 minutes, and the family time was in high demand. His wife had grown up in Taranaki, so the region was on their radar. Initially, Tim worked remotely for his Auckland company but missed being in the office, as most of his colleagues were office-based. Tim was fortunate to meet the team at local online legal solutions provider Firsmy (formally Automio) and work there.

Tim enjoyed working with Microsoft Dynamics and CRM, and then the role at the bank came up. After nearly eight years of working in start-ups, Tim wanted to work for a larger organisation, and TSB was an excellent fit. It has a fast-moving development environment where senior management are open and willing to engage and support projects. "If you need to work with that person, that person becomes available for you and vice versa", Tim says. "You get to collaborate with a lot of other people."

The work is varied and stimulating. It focuses on balancing internal and external customer outcomes, meeting compliance, and working with the bank's mobile app. Tim wasn't aware when he started at TSB that all profits from the bank are invested back into the community through the Toi Foundation's grants and funding. This is something that Tim says makes him feel good about where he works.

Tim's been surprised by the depth of the tech scene in Taranaki, noting that there was far more innovative tech business than he'd anticipated.

Tim says, "there's quite a cool set-up for entrepreneurs to be able to grow businesses", citing exciting start-ups like Yonder, Firmsy, and groundbreaking business International Volunteer HQ as examples.

Tim, his wife, and their young family were surprised by the range of things to do in Taranaki. He had no trouble finding a social football league to join. And what's more, lots of the best activities are free, "everyone that comes to visit, we take them to the Brooklands Zoo, and they're always surprised that it's free. " The move has been great for work and for the whole family.