Historically there has been under-investment in this space, which has created a huge need for new development.

Taranaki is being transformed by government and private sector investments, which in turn are creating emergent infrastructure and property development opportunities. 

Defying predictions, commercial property activity in New Plymouth has been on a growth surge since April 2018. There is substantial demand for smart development spanning retail, office and industrial use, while new hub developments in both Hāwera and Stratford offer ground-floor opportunities. 


Established buildings offer an accessible entry point in towns around the mountain, while greenfield development sites remain available throughout the region. 
Residential accommodation investment is also on the rise, with a growing demand for quality rental properties throughout the region driven by the globally connected energy sector and strong inward migration. 

Opportunities include: 

Commercial property: Opportunities across the spectrum. 
Industrial property: Development and management. 
Infrastructure: Energy, transportation and connectivity. 

First Gas Case Study

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