World-class Investment Opportunities in Taranaki

With a population among the fastest growing in New Zealand, and an economy that has consistently outpaced all other regions, Taranaki is the perfect place for business to thrive. 
More than 117,000 people live in Taranaki, and this is forecast to continue to grow as the region’s enviable lifestyle, high average pay, and new business opportunities (stemming from the move to a low-emissions economy) attract more people.

Around the Maunga

Each district in Taranaki has distinct comparative and competitive advantages. Find out more about opportunities in New Plymouth, Stratford and South Taranaki districts.

There are myriad opportunities for investment in this exciting, untapped future.

Despite the current economic climate, Taranaki’s extensive food industry has experienced little interruption, with solid demand for dairy products, meat, honey, and coffee – all products that are made or manufactured locally.

Digital technology and innovation have facilitated the region’s digital connectivity, showing first-hand how Taranaki is able to successfully operate remotely, and demonstrating the ease and ability for business connectivity, both nationally and internationally, providing a sound platform for future development.  

Taranaki is in a good spot to help revive New Zealand’s economy with a range of sectors growing strongly pre-COVID-19. One of those being tourism, which almost doubled in value during the past decade. Annual tourism expenditure in 2019 was $425 million, up 13% in a year, as visitors become aware of the region’s natural attractions and growing array of visitor events, amenities and products. 
With this growth has come increased demand for products and services, providing ideal conditions for investors and prospective enterprises to ‘set up shop’ in the region and tap into the diverse skills, knowledge and can-do attitude that has made Taranaki a success. 

As Taranaki leads the global transition to a low-emissions economy, opportunities exist across a range of sectors, with local and central government support at hand.

Both have signalled their determination to make Taranaki’s transition a success through investment in core and transformational infrastructure. 

In May 2019, Taranaki hosted New Zealand’s first Just Transition Summit. It was at the summit that the New Zealand Government announced an annual allocation of $7 million to establish Ara Ake (formerly the National New Energy Development Centre) in Taranaki. Ara Ake will be a lynchpin in supporting Taranaki to lead New Zealand’s transition by becoming a national hub of new energy knowledge and supporting the development, testing and commercialisation of new energy technology. 
Substantial investments into roading, air travel, commercial development, the visitor industry and new energy will improve connectivity, provide modern floor space for business development, encourage more visitors, and help attract and retain skilled workers in technical industries. 
Taranaki has enormous potential for extended growth and development of new energy and food production through its existing and extensive oil and gas infrastructure and skills, natural land, wind and water resources, and connectivity to national and global markets via its international deep-water port, rail, road and air links. 

Strategic Vision

Taranaki has a growing population and resilient economy. The region’s sound economic foundations combined with the development of a holistic plan for future prosperity post COVID-19 and beyond ensures the region will swiftly recover and continue to grow, continuing its contribution to positive national outcomes.

Transition Frontrunner

Taranaki has a signification opportunity to lead New Zealand’s transition to a low-emissions energy future. The region is the base for Ara Ake (formerly the National New Energy Development Centre) and held New Zealand’s first Just Transition Summit in 2019, bringing innovators, industry experts and strategic leaders together with Taranaki at the forefront. 

An endemic spirit of pragmatic innovation prevails in Taranaki, with flexible solutions-focused people dedicated to making the region a success. Taranaki boasts a diverse range of enterprises, formed by people identifying problems, needs, and demands, then devising and implementing solutions. It is these innovative and driven people that will stand Taranaki in good stead in a post-COVID world.

Game-changing Investments

Significant investment by central and local government is transforming a number of local infrastructure and biodiversity projects and fostering regional connectivity. These projects are also attracting additional investment in a range of high-value industries.

Enviable Lifestyle

Taranaki offers an affordable, enviable lifestyle for the region’s globally connected, high-achieving workforce. With a vast natural playground at both front and back doorsteps, and world-class amenities that match those of much larger centres, Taranaki provides a work-life balance like no other. 

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