We are tangata whenua, and we’re focused on the future. Listen to our story.

Ngā Iwi o Taranaki

Iwi story

Ko Taranaki, Ko Pouākai, Ko Kaitake te puna i heke mai ai te tangata, ko rātou tō mātou okiokitanga, ko mātou to rātou okiokitanga.

We are Ngāti Tama, Ngāti Mutunga, Te Ātiawa, Ngāti Maru, Taranaki, Ngāruahine, Ngāti Ruanui and Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi. We are the tangata whenua – the indigenous people - of the Taranaki region who descend from our tupuna maunga (ancestral mountain) Taranaki.

We are many strands of whakapapa (genealogy) but we are one whānau living under the shadow and embrace of our common ancestor Taranaki.

Our whakapapa is tied to the lands, forests, waterways and seas of our ancestral homeland and speaks to a unique history stretching back to the beginning of time.  Our ancestral houses record our histories and teach our descendants, all the while welcoming manuhiri (visitors) from around Aotearoa New Zealand, and the world.


We have not always been well recognised or understood by our neighbours, but that time is ending as we reclaim our rightful place as a more visible and vibrant part of the wider Taranaki community.

We are people who have endured against adversity but are resilient and are facing positively into the future strong in our identity and knowledge of our place in the world.

We are charting a new future with confidence based on innovative businesses grounded in our unique indigenous Taranaki worldview. We are pursuing our cultural, environmental, and social goals to support our people’s dreams and aspirations.

We are part of what makes Taranaki the unique and wonderful place it is.

He Tangata – our people

The most important thing in Te Ao Māori (our Māori world), and therefore our region, is our people. A culturally connected, strong and resilient people across all aspects of life is our focus. As such we are working hard to support the wellbeing of our people through whānau saving and financial literacy schemes, home ownership pathways, housing developments, education and training opportunities, grants and scholarships, and leadership programmes. With a large percentage of our popluation under the age of 19, our future is an exciting one.


Taiao – our environment

We believe that the health and wellbeing of our people is a reflection of the health and wellbeing of our lands and environs, so it makes sense that we would be fully engaged in a range of environmental projects. From Project Mounga and Te Tiaki Te Mauri pest eradication projects to Kōkako, Whio (Blue Duck), Toutouwai (North Island Robin) and Kiwi recovery and translocation programes, to riparian planting and species monitoring along our waterways – these environmental projects are highly innovative and sector leading. We are also staunchly protective of our moana (ocean) and continually fight to ensure that our marine life and marine environment remain sustainable for generations to come.

Pākihi – our businesses

Our iwi are inextricably vested in and committed to our region and we are not going anywhere. Our whenua (land) plays an important part in determining how we move forward as contributors to our tribal and regional economy. Whether we are one of the largest dairy producers in the country or the only commercially producing puha (sowthistle) company in the country, we know where we come from and what makes us unique. Our uniqueness is found in our cultural traditions which focus on sustaining our land and people. We are collaborating on a number of joint ventures and investments. We have an inter-generational approach to investment and know that our real strength lies in the strength of our collective and partnerships with others.

Manuhiri – our visitors

Looking after and caring for our visitors is founded on a key cultural value of manaakitanga. Taranaki is rich with pre-European and colonial history and as you can imagine there are a number of sites of significance associated with this history, including the birthplace of the passive resistance movement – Parihaka.  We’re also proud to be home to the Pātea Māori Club and ‘Poi E’ Country.

Our tupuna maunga (ancestral mountain) provides a number of outdoor experiences for you to enjoy during the day and if you are looking for a serviced swiss chalet or luxury accommodation and award-winning restaurant located in the alpine environment, our iwi-owned operations are the places to be. Alternatively, if you are heading back into New Plymouth, our iwi-owned 4.5 star hotel provides another accommodation and dining option.

Nau mai whakatau mai – we look forward to meeting you!

To find out more about who we are and what we’re doing – take a look at our iwi websites.

Pakihi Māori

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