Meet Molly

A Taranaki local, we asked Molly, aged 11 what she recommends in Taranaki for other kids. Here's what she had to say...

Where is the best place to eat?

My opinion of the best place to eat is Polpetta. It's a fancy restaurant but in a cool way. The restaurant is based on Italian food, and kids will love it. Essentially, it's a meatball parlour, where you choose all parts of your meal!

Where is the best place to get a drink?

Deluxe Diner has a HUGE array of milkshakes, each one smothered in cream and a sweet sauce! If they aren't crazy drinks, I don't know what is!

Where is the coolest playground?

Hollard Gardens has the coolest playground BY FAR in Taranaki. The gardens are in Kaponga, and after you have taken a walk around the sunny flower beds, the playground is sure to look just as fabulous! 

Where is the best place to get an ice cream?

Either State Gelato or Iona Dairy in New Plymouth. State Gelato (part of State Pasta) is for people who love sorbet and stuff like that, while Iona is a dairy that sells gigantic single scoops.

Where is the best place to picnic?

For a sweet picnic, head to Pukekura Park and look for Cannon Hill. It is next to the lake and has lots of room at the top for you and your buddies to enjoy your pizza! (P.S. If you look at the dirt bank halfway up, there is a whalebone in the wall).

Where is the best beach to swim at?

If you are looking for a summer beach, I would recommend Ōpunake Beach. I lived there for three years and I still love that beach. Great holiday spot as well.

Who does the best fish and chips in town?

Catch and co – a small fish and chip joint out at the New Plymouth breakwater. They catch fresh fish from around the Sugarloaves and do the BEST pineapple fritters. Five stars in my opinion.

Where is the best place to go when it rains?

When it rains, I really enjoy going to the Todd Energy Aquatic Centre and being wet, but not cold. It's fun and affordable.